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Guidelines & Policies

Code of Conduct

At Post-Fashionism, we’re cultivating a community where members feel safe sharing deeply personal experiences, photos, reviews, and opinions without fear of judgment. We also want you to be able to trust that the information you find here has been posted without bias or a hidden agenda.

The Code of Conduct outlines what we expect from you, and what you should expect from others. Still not sure if you’re following the rules? Also, we reserve the right to modify these guidelines at any time without notification.

The Post-Fashionism Community consists of consumers, Health Care Providers and Post-Fashionism staff. All community members are treated equally under these guidelines.

Post-Fashionism does not discriminate based on positive or negative views, or on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender orientation, disability or status.

Practice Mutual Respect

Post-Fashionism hosts diverse discussions. We give community members space to share their opinions, debate issues, and support each other. Even when things get heated, we expect you to show respect for all members of the community.

Avoid Personal Attacks

Negative opinions and disagreements are fine, but it’s not appropriate to use Post-Fashionism to bully, name-call or insult other community members. Follow the rules of good debating and address the issue, not the person.

Maintain the Security of Your Account

You are responsible for all activity that occurs through your Post-Fashionism account.

Share Your Own Experience

Use Post-Fashionism to share your own story and opinions. Don’t post duplicate content, share hearsay or gossip from others, or use the platform to rally support for a campaign or agenda (e.g. lawsuit or group action).

What’s Not Allowed:

Do not post on Post-Fashionism:

  • Medical advice
  • Discussions of suicide, violence or self-harm, including self-administering procedures without a license to practice medicine
  • Sexual content or unwelcome sexual attention toward others
  • Profanity or inappropriate language
  • Gratuitous nudity that’s irrelevant to the topic being discussed (e.g., bare breasts in a rhinoplasty review)
  • Anything illegal (drug use, criminal activity, extortion, blackmail, threats, harassment, etc.)
  • Third-party content, including copyrighted material or text, photos or video copied from another source
  • Links to non-Post-Fashionism web pages
  • Contact information
  • Anything for which the Post-Fashionism website is not intended (e.g, spam, donation requests, offers to purchase surgery for another user, or buying and selling any products)

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

Unless otherwise directed, you may only use Post-Fashionism as a consumer.

Do not use Post-Fashionism to promote your own interests or those of anyone you know, including family, friends, affiliates or employers. This includes both:

  • Business interests – You or someone you know stands to gain additional business or money because of something you’ve posted.
  • Personal interests – You or someone you know stands to gain an advantage in a medical or personal relationship because of something you’ve posted.

In short, do not post if you or someone you know stands to gain anything from your post.